Our Approach

S. Reklaw LLC is actively engaged in the revitalization of the city of Detroit, undertaking extensive renovations to breathe new life into abandoned and unwanted properties. Our primary objective is to modernize these properties, transforming them into updated and desirable spaces. Through this endeavor, we are dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of life within the Detroit community by providing affordable and secure housing options. Our commitment to this agenda reflects our deep-seated belief in the positive impact that thoughtful and purposeful renovations can have on the urban landscape and the well-being of its residents.


Our Story

The partners at S. Reklaw LLC are not just real estate investors but native residents of Detroit, each being homeowners with a genuine passion for their hometown. The inception of this dynamic partnership was driven by a shared desire to actively participate in the ongoing reinvention of the City of Detroit. Motivated by the city’s resilience following the economic decline in 2008 and subsequent bankruptcy in 2013, we recognized an opportunity to contribute positively.

Detroit’s remarkable strides toward reclaiming its former glory, particularly in recent years, have captured the interest of many, leading to an influx of new and returning residents. Witnessing this developmental progress, S. Reklaw LLC was inspired to join the collective effort to renovate and revive neighborhoods. Our goal is to offer safe, clean, and affordable housing options to the residents of our incredible city, contributing to its continued growth and prosperity

S.Reklaw LLC Properties

Warrendale/ Detroit

*Currently Occupied.

After renovation.

Single Family Home with 2 Bedroom, 1 bath and plenty of backyard space to enjoy the outdoors.

Lot size: 5,314 soft

Built in 1949 & Renovated in 2022

Cody-Rouge/ Detroit

*Currently Occupied.

Revived Property.

Cozy Single Family Home with 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom and garage near Rouge Park.

Lot Size: 5,663 sqft

Built in 1949 & Renovated 2019

Finish Property design…

Northwest Detroit

*Currently Leasing.

Charming Brick Single Family home with 2 bedrooms, I bathroom and 2 car garage.

Lot size: 4,356

Built 1937 & Renovated in 2019

Before Renovations…

Finished Property Design

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