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What type of company is S. Reklaw LLC?

S.Reklaw LLC is a real estate investing company, currently specializing in buy and hold. S.Reklaw LLC, is not a real estate brokerage company nor is it a real estate seller/buyer agency.

Top Rental Inquires

What are requirements for lease application process?

  • Verifiable employment
  • Income 3x rental amount
  • References
  • No evictions
  • Criminal background
  • Credit check.

How do prospective tenants apply for a rental property?

S.Reklaw LLC currently lease properties through Apply through Zillow and contact S.Reklaw LLC after completing the background check.

Thank you for your interest.

What utilities are included with rental properties?

S.Reklaw LLC requires tenants to transfer all utilities upon move-in. Tenants are Tenants are obligated to pay all utilities expenses.

What types of lease options does S.Reklaw LLC have available?

S.Reklaw LLC currently offers 1-2 year lease agreements on single family properties.

Does S.Reklaw LLC accept Section-8?

Yes, S.Reklaw LLC accepts Section-8 housing. However the requirements for tenant qualification will be consider when evaluating all applications.

What type of pets are allowed?

Pets must be screened. Pets must be well nurtured and mannered. No aggressive, oversized or over populated pet communities.

Top Tenant Questions

What types of payment methods are accepted?

Cashapp, money orders, or cashier checks.

What is the best way to contact my landlord?

To direct any inquires or concerns to S.Reklaw LLC management team, select the Tenant webpage from S.Reklaw LLC menu, complete a claim form 24 hours a day.

You can also send an email direct to [email protected] or call 313-403-3100 during business hours.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 11:00 am-5:00 pm.

What should you do if you become locked out?

If after S.Reklaw LLC business hours, Your are required to obtain a locksmith at you own expense, change locks if key is lost and submit a copy of new key to S.Reklaw LLC.

What should you do in case of emergency?

Call 911. Or you local hospital, police station or fire station.